Wellcome to my blog

My name is Martina Staniek, and I make OOAK (One Of A Kind) Teddy Bears and other soft sculptures.
I also knit and crochet - i always on the search for those very diffrent and fantastic pattern.
Last year i learned to Spin, and now i also create wonderfull and unique yarn.

I would like to introduce to you my creations and keep you updated with other happenings which are important to me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

23rd of april


i went to the furniture shop to complain about the wrong back
sadly, it seems, the supplier delivered ALL of those chests with a wrong back
so there where limited options, because i refuse to part again with it, it is just perfect, if i ignore the back problem :D
so i might get in a few days, or weeks, or never, a new back …
and desided, i have not stand it around in pieces, but finish it with no back for now
even when i cant close the drawer, because of the clamp fix the drumcarder, the regress (is this the right word ?) of the drawer, makes it possible to turn the handle just perfekt :D so i dont need to saw a cut for the clamp :D :D


then i finished the row of my entrelac shawl, while watching tv


but this bored be fast … and i started to comb some more of my grey wool
tadaaaa the box is full with little woolfluffballs :D
and i filled them into my paper bags, 250 grams each - so far i have 500 grams combed wool
sadly, this was just the 1st box i emptied - an even bigger one is still to comb *yawns*
so i guess, it will be more then 1 kilo combed wool, when i am finished


Thursday, April 23, 2015

22nd of april


brightest sunshine, a fantastic day - to be spent at cafe pauli :D
afterward i was playing around with crocheting a stitch … ripping it all for a cupple times
an idea grows in my head, but sadly i cant show ideas :D

later at night i started to assemble my rolling drawer chest
its supposed to carry my drumcarder
sadly, the back is way to large - so i cant finish it
after a closer look, its not a back at all, but 2 bottom parts of the drawers stickytaped togeter !!!
i am short before starting to blow steam
but jörg says, i need to stay nice, its not the personals fault :D
so i guess i will go to bed and sleep, and cool down again :D


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

tuesday the 21st


i had not much time to do things yesterday
woke up late
and went for a drive with my man to do things
on they way home we made a stop to get new office chairs
and i had to, i really had to, couldnt wait - so i assembled them (sure with a few hands of my man :D )
isnt he pretty ? :D
he is comfortabel


and started for an hour testing a pattern squatch, need to find the right hooks to go with it
dont want it to tight or to loose
so far i frogged it all again, because i disliked it
so nothing to show

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

monday the 20th of april and the night to 21st :D


i sorted my tables !
yea for me *lol*
from this


to  this - sounds like its done in like - 10 minutes right ?
wrong, took me all afternoon
there is many distractions to be found on such tables *lol* :D :D


then i knit a few squares, and got bored with it
and opend 1 of those boxes under my table, and started combing again
can you remember the last foto i showed ?

well here it is again - to compair what i did in the night even can see how the level sinks slooooowly in the fiber box *sigh*


and here is what happen
adding locks to the comb, and then use the 2nd comb, and well - comb :D
1 time to the 1 comb, and then back again, is enough with this fleece … and then on the last foto you can see how i already pulled a bit out
and you pull … and pull and pull … till you got a long hairy combed thing of fiber :D this i roll up and drop in the box
this 1 box is btw, just 1 box, i got 2 *sighting even more*

017 - Kopie002003

Monday, April 20, 2015

19th of april


after a night with no sleep i did a lot of things :D

first - the final blocking of my top - its perfekt !
all ends are waved in and it fits - foto of me wearing it, will follow


then worked a little bit on my entrelac shawl again
its now the row 14 (if i count the start row with half quadrate as a row)


and i got out the new spinning project, black merino with black mullberry silk
i dont know yet if i make it a 2 or 3 ply, but it is for this pattern
i plan it in blue and black

2015-04-20 16_33_15-Ravelry_ Phoenix-Wing _ Phoenix-Flügel pattern by Nadine Schwingler - Internet E007

Sunday, April 19, 2015

saturday the 18th and the night to sunday


my order of 5 !!! kilo wensleydale locks arrived :D :D :D


the blocked top was dry


and i finished knitting the bottom line
now to sew all ends in and block again :D