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My name is Martina Staniek, and I make OOAK (One Of A Kind) Teddy Bears and other soft sculptures.
I also knit and crochet - i always on the search for those very diffrent and fantastic pattern.
Last year i learned to Spin, and now i also create wonderfull and unique yarn.

I would like to introduce to you my creations and keep you updated with other happenings which are important to me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

shopping fun

shopping is fun :D
other ladies go and buy shoes, i go and buy spindles
actually i was just wanting a jenkins …. so i went to ravelry and had a look if someone sells one
nope - but i found this little pretty one …

and then i though … well the one i got, from is fantastic, some more of them is a good thing too

there comes more - much much more ….

some crafting of last week



because spinning all black is really boring, i took again a break in between and i desided i need to do some learning of the long draw
nothing special, a 34 mic fiber called irish, in the shop
afterwards i was ready to fill the first bobbin (50 grams) and started the next one

i also knitted a bit on my shawl, and i got my turkish out, and spun a bit of some old rollags, i made them last year to test my blending board
and as it is really jsut a tiny amount, an idea is taking shape in my head already :D

AND i am sorting through the last patch of baby quality alpaka - "just" 400 grams *facepalm*
and because this is soooooooooooooooooooooo boring, i also got me some of the angora out, thats just 200 gram
pick pick pick all the shorts, nepps and felted parts out :D

Friday, May 29, 2015

some gardening

it was raining and raining and raining for quite some time, so i could not work on my flowers
but on wednesday, it was dry (i thought) and just did it, it was cold, i was freezing and sweating
but i did my flowers :D
its really hard to take fotos when the sun bangs down :D
here is all of the new containers i have now
and here some details …
oh Boy ... i can not make my Posts with Windows live writer anymore
messed around now to try to use Google blooger intern blogwriter stuff, and that is just crap
so - no more Blogging here till they fix it - sorry