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My name is Martina Staniek, and I make OOAK (One Of A Kind) Teddy Bears and other soft sculptures.
I also knit and crochet - i always on the search for those very diffrent and fantastic pattern.
Last year i learned to Spin, and now i also create wonderfull and unique yarn.

I would like to introduce to you my creations and keep you updated with other happenings which are important to me.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Spinning – a mystery fleece


about 2 years ago i bought me over facebook some locks
i love locks !

so, it was raw, it was dirty, it was stinky
i have never before seen such raw fleece


so it stored it in a dark spot in a chest in the garden shed

but this year i was ready, oh yes Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund i played around wiht some REALLY dirty german fleeces, and i was so pleased with the clean wool, i thought,
ok, its time to look whats hiding in there

and i started washing and i wash shocked from the outcome, i was so close to throw it all away, the grease didnt wash out, no matter how hot and how long i soaked it …


but i went on, just thrown it all pot after pot into dishwasher water, rinsed with vinegar, and kicked it outside on the washingline


when it was dry, i started to flick caring all the dirt out … picked out some of the prettier locks


and even tested to spin it and knit it ..

i am SO GLAD i went on with it, it seems to be mohair
it is soft, it is cosy, it is just soooo lovely !

and i was able to save a few more locks, the just call out  to be dolls hair


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