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Last year i learned to Spin, and now i also create wonderfull and unique yarn.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tutorial - make a sculpted paw


Today i show you how to get a foot like this:
When you need a better look, click on the picture to get a big picture.

To give you an idea about doll making needles, i show you a picture.
Here in Germany i bought a set of 3 - 7cm, 9cm and 12.5 cm in my local fabric store.


the first thing you need, is a foot :)
you can either have the sole made of mini fabric, shaved fur, or felt over the sole - like i did in this example

First you mark the position of toes and intention of the sole with pins.
The marked spots in my example are the positions where i enter and exit with the thread.
Click on the (bad) drawing, to get the exact positions

011011 - Kopie

You will need quite a long, sturdy, not breakable thread for this, i use about 1 meter.

I use the Nose yarn i can buy, but i heard  the upholstery thread is very good too.


Part the hair on the back of the foot and enter the needle from the top of the foot, to the first spot, outside of foot, on the side of the sole for the little toe

Next, enter at the first needle marking the base of between the 2 toes and exit on the back of the foot.


Lay the thread over the foot to the marking pin on the (1st tip) of the foot, and then part the hair on the line where the thread will lay and be pulled tight.


On the sole you enter at the same spot again (1st) and exit on the top of the foot on the same spot again.


Run the thread again to the front of the sole and pull tight.
Enter the needle at the first spot again (1st) and exit on the tip of the foot (1st tip) where the needle marks the spot.


Enter the needle right next to the exit point, so the 2 lines of thread are in between the little loop you make this way.
This holds the thread in place and it will never slide away anymore.
Exit at the 1st point.


Enter the needle at the second pin (2nd) and exit again on the back of the foot.


Lay the thread again to the sole, around the 2nd tip, here i show you how the hairs get caught under the thread, and how you part the hair, before you pull the thread tight.
You might try, but i can tell you, you will not like to pull the hair out under the thread, when it is tightly pulled.


Again enter at the 2nd point you just entered on the sole, exit on the top of the foot, and lay the thread around the 2nd tip to the sole.


Pull tight and hold the thread in place.


Enter the needle at the 2nd spot again, exit on the 2nd tip - pull tight, and enter right next to the exit point at the 2nd tip, keeping the 2 lines of thread in between this stitch.
Exit again at the 2nd spot.


Enter the needle at the 3rd spot, exit on the top of the foot.


Repeat this steps for all toes.

When you finished all toes, and exit at the 4th spot for the final time, run the needle to the spot - inside of the foot. This is where the red and turquoise areas meet.
Exit on the opposite side of the foot. Enter a few millimetre away from the exit and exit at the marking pin of the intention.


Lay the thread to the Pin in the middle of the sole and enter there, exit on the top of the foot.


Spread the hair apart, and enter the needle from the top of the foot, very close to the exit point, and exit on the sole, the same spot where you entered first.


Lay the thread to the lower marking pin on the intention of the sole, enter the needle and exit on the other side of the sole


Press the intention of the sole hard together and pull the thread tight.


Run the thread a few times back and forth from one side to the other,


with this stitches you form the sole and make it a bit smaller from toes to heel.


Make a nice knot on the edge and pull the thread 1 more time to the opposite side and cut it off.


click for the next part - the shading of the foot.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Your finished foot looks wonderful! Hugs, Janice

  2. Thank you for this!! I really learned something here today. I like how you are going up to the top of the foot on the first move, and then going to top of the toe area to lock in the stitches. I am going to try that. I have had problems with the stitches slipping right there.

    It is a shame we do not live closer together, I think we could learn a lot from each other.

    1. oh joanne ... i would LOOOOVE to peek over your shoulder when you make of of your babies :)

      and i must thank you so much, i learned so much from you
      and the inspiration you gave me is worth soooo much !