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My name is Martina Staniek, and I make OOAK (One Of A Kind) Teddy Bears and other soft sculptures.
I also knit and crochet - i always on the search for those very diffrent and fantastic pattern.
Last year i learned to Spin, and now i also create wonderfull and unique yarn.

I would like to introduce to you my creations and keep you updated with other happenings which are important to me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Teddy - Abbadon


Today i would like to show you Abbadon.

He is 33 cm - 13" - tall, a OOAK (One Of A Kind) Collectors Teddy Wolf.


Although as you can see, he loves the attention of the camera, the photographs simply do not give this stunning wolf the justice he deserves.


He is made of the finest silken faux fur, a pale pink with a dark red base.
His large blue German glass eyes gaze slightly deceitful from his hand-felted face.


The dry felting process uses a single needle to manipulate wool roving into shape, making his features truly one of a kind, and unique.


His paws are also needle felted and heavily thread sculpted from mohair wool.


After finishing the long felting process his face and his paws are very carefully shaded with the best oil paints. This again takes many hours.


He has extensive pose ability, as he has bolt jointed limbs and a spine flowing from his head right down his back.


Because of his durable armature, it is possible to pose him in almost any position, as you can see from his photographs, without damaging him.

Even with his heavy sculpted feet he is able to stand free and alone.


He doesn't mind which way he sits or stands as long as he fills your heart with pride.


Abbadon was made in a smoke- and pet free environment.

His new family will receive him in his own pretty box with a special birth certificate showing his date of creation and signed by the maker.


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