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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tutorial - Basic form - egg shape

I tried how to show an basic form.
It is not much use to shoot single photos, because i need 2 hands to hold the wool into place.
So i made a short video, and then extracted the pictures.
To compare the whole thing … i try to post the video too

Please, let me know, if this pictures actually are showing how to make an egg shape, if you feel, you would understand what i try to show you, when you never did it before.
A little bit of text to go with it :)
Take a sheet of wool in one hand, here the left hand.
Hold it flat between fingers and thumb.
Slide with the thumb of the other hand (the right one) over the outside of the sheet, bending it inward, over your left thumb.
063 00002063 00030
Hold the bend edge with the right thumb, and carefully pull out the thumb of the left hand

063 00048063 00061
Hold the folded sheet between your left fingers and thumb, and again slide the outside with your right thumb over the left thumb.
063 00077063 00085
Pull out the left thumb while you hold it with your right thumb into place.
Press the sheet together again with the left hand.
063 00103063 00117
Now while holding the rolled sheet between thumb and fingers of the left hand, slide with your right thumb over the top roll of the sheet and bend it down over your left thumb.
063 00127063 00138
Hold it with your right thumb, pull out the right thumb, and stroke with the LEFT thumb this time the edge of the sheet over your right thumb.
063 00179063 00192
Fold and roll this way left, right and top over your thumbs.
063 00205063 00229063 00285063 00336063 00384063 00399063 00410063 00476063 00496063 00513
When you got just a tiny little bit of wool left, hold it tight between your fingers
063 00565063 00601
And lay it on your felting pad, pressing it together.
063 00615063 00816
Take your needle, and start tagging the hair together.
Now you should be able to let go of the form
063 00844063 01065
Now you start needling the form.
´Keep stabbing the egg to get the excess air out, and get the hair tangled up.
063 01346063 01961
Keep turning and rolling
063 02760063 03445
Pooking the egg from all sides
063 04251063 04401
Take care of your fingers, this needle is very sharp
063 05614063 06550
In between press the form between your fingers, to feel and see if there are bags of air.
It is hard to show what i mean, but it feels like there are a spot where you sink into the form…
There you needle some more.
063 07011063 07133063 07625063 07861
When your shape is of a nice consistence, not to soft, not to hard, you might think it is to small.
So get yourself a sheet of wool
063 08217063 08414
And do just like you did at the beginning, Lay it onto the shape, and gently slide the loose wool onto the shape.
063 08496063 08565
Needle a few times to keep it into place, and add more if you feel you have to.
063 08796063 08999
Again, lay the shape onto the sheet, and slide the loose fibres over the shape.
063 09184063 09249063 09264063 09331063 09401063 09585
When you covered it enough, start to needle all the loose and soft wool into shape again.
063 09627063 10024
Stab from all sides.
063 10765063 10769
Do not forget to roll the form, so you really stab from all sides evenly.
Press the form in-between to feel bad spots
063 15478063 15668
And take care of your fingers :)
063 15797
This shape is mostly used for body's.
When you make the form more like a round ball, it would be used for heads, the chest part for bunnies.
Longer and thinner parts are used for arms and legs.


  1. Very nice, what a lot of work to put this tutorial together, thank you.

    1. thank you joanne :)
      this is a first try, because i plan on making a lot more tutorials, and trying to find the best way to do them :)

  2. Love the tutorial Martina. Thank you.