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My name is Martina Staniek, and I make OOAK (One Of A Kind) Teddy Bears and other soft sculptures.
I also knit and crochet - i always on the search for those very diffrent and fantastic pattern.
Last year i learned to Spin, and now i also create wonderfull and unique yarn.

I would like to introduce to you my creations and keep you updated with other happenings which are important to me.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 hours today … i am not in the mood for painting


first i put some clue onto the nuts


While i was waiting for the clue to get hard, i made a little bag for some glass pellets.
It is some strange fabric. it is also used in the bought bears to hold pellets.
In my fabric store they sell it as material for under skirts.
It is very soft, very slippery, and very tight.


Just perfect for little pellets :)


I put some filling in the back above the spine, some between the shoulders and some between the hips, closed the seam at the neck a bit further down, then i put the bag with the pellets inside.


Keep closing the seam and adding filling, the last 1 cm i fill the belly as much as i find suitable, and close the last bit.

I usually take some stitches, and make a few knots.
This makes sure, even when this seam breaks, not the whole seam breaks open.

Such nasty seams i like to sew with the bent needle.
It took me long time to find out how to hold it with the fingers, without the needle turning in the wrong way.
One way is for sure the pliers - like doctors do when they sew you up :P
i do it like this … hold it with THREE fingers, not with 2 :D


When all seems are closed, give the teddy a good brush


and a good shake :D


and then bend and twist the little fellow how you like


The little one still needs ears
He needs some shading at the face and the paws.
I will do this tomorrow - i think.
AND he needs a name … and i have no idea.

1 comment:

  1. yeah, it's almost done.
    it looks interesting while you give him a shake, a completely different look.